Information Assurance

RDi’s Information Assurance practice provides solutions to help organizations manage information-related risks and protect and defend against outside and insider threats ensuring confidentiality, integrity, authentication and availability of digital assets, while ensuring that the right people have access to the right information.

Information Governance

Information governance requires organizations to adopt policies, procedures, processes and controls to be implemented to manage information at an enterprise level designed specifically to reduce legal risks by supporting environmental and operational requirements.  RDi provides solutions that enforce and report on these processes and controls during the classification, creation, storage, use, archival, and deletion of valuable information.

RDi helps organizations establish solid strategies and technology to provide a successful Information Governance practices.  Benefits include:

  • ·         Classification of digital assets allowing appropriate data usage policies to be applied.
  • ·         Assessment of internal and external IT infrastructure housing sensitive information.
  • ·         Controls and safeguards applied to physical and virtual devices protecting and reporting on data usage.

Data Centric Security

RDi provides  information security solutions and services that are “data aware” and that give an organization a stronger level of security based on the classification of the digital assets by the availability, integrity, and confidentiality of data on and off the network.  Technology strategies differ for each organization and may contain variations and layers of DLP and encryption to meet desired data protection goals.

RDi has developed a roadmap for data protection called Data Control Steps.   Click here for more information RDi Data Control Steps


e-Discoveryspans the identification and collection of ESI (Electronically Stored Information) all the way through the preservation, review and production stages of the e-discovery reference model.  RDi offers solutions and services to help organizations find and classify and prepare ESI, should your organization be facing legal suits, regulatory audits, or forensic investigations.

Benefits Include:

  • ·     Develop better data protection strategies based on location and classification.
  • ·         Better understand your data and risks associated with a data breach.

Save enormous amounts of time and money for data review tasks - Gartner Group calculates a 10X return on investment - and eliminate the use of other disparate tools for each step of the EDRM model such as in-depth identification and collection solutions.