RDi works with the Chief Information Security Officer and staff to ensure the right resources are focused on the tasks of efficiently and effectively securing an organization’s IT resources and digital assets. RDi can step an organization through these information protection tasks one by one, or simply provide assistance in areas of immediate need to lack of resources or expertise.

Exposing the company’s “jewels” can be an uncomfortable process, especially when they are left out in the open with no protection and for anyone to access and view. RDi’s service offerings, centered around an organization’s vulnerabilities, take this into consideration. RDi understands the sensitivity and complexity of the problem, and works discretely and professionally with the project manager and stakeholders to assure the accountability of all employees, and suggests logical courses of action to ensure the problem will be solved and communicated effectively.

RDi has acquired the expertise in information security consulting with over 15 years of experience of helping organizations with goal oriented projects, or simply providing time/hourly staff augmentation to achieve any information security project or concern.

RDi currently provides the following professional services and more can be learned about them at the Resilient Data Solutions section of our web site. Also, you may contact us for the best rates and project proposals in the business as well as the most experienced and professional resource Bio’s.

    • Data Leak Assessments
    • eDiscovery and Classification
    • Vulnerability Assessments
    • Merger and Acquisition Digital Asset Assessment
    • Compliance Mapping
    • Information Security Policy Review and Creation
    • IT Security Staff Augmentation
    • Collaborative Security Information Software Integration

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