Systems Management

Managing and maintaining the network and systems can often be a challenging task, especially in today’s environment with the increasing need for bandwidth to manage new applications and cloud vendors.  Also, the challenges that mobile devices create with the increased adoption of BYOD into the workplace make the management and enforcement of IT policies very difficult, unless a right solution is in place.

RDi partners with various technology vendors that make systems management and mobile device management extremely easy, as well as service offerings designed to assist in the implementation  and configuration.

Whether you are looking for an on-premise solution, or cloud based SaaS solution, or even prefer to outsource to an MSSP,  RDi can help you and your staff plan and implement an effective IT Management platform.  Our core offerings include:

  • ·         Device Management
  • ·         Remote Desktop and Control
  • ·         Managed Security Services
  • ·         Vulnerability and Patch Management
  • ·         Network and Systems Monitoring
  • ·         Log Management and Monitoring
  • ·         Application and Bandwidth Management

Benefits of improving your Network and Systems Management include:

  • ·         Reduce staff time to resolve network and system issues
  • ·         Be able to respond more quickly to security issues
  • ·         Enforce and report on IT Security policies
  • ·         Comply with regulatory requirements
  • ·         Improved system and network performance