RDi provides innovative data security solutions centered on helping organizations protect and control their digital assets by eliminating the loss or misuse of data stored anywhere, at any time. Traditional network security technology and services are also available to maintain or upgrade your existing IT security infrastructure. RDi bundles and integrates many of these solutions into one offering, providing a cost effective way for organizations to accomplish their data protection goals. Our solutions are designed to be easy to deploy and manage, while providing the scalability needed for the most demanding environments.

Contact us for information on the following comprehensive solution offerings today or to speak with a consultant about your current or upcoming information security projects and let us help with the resources you will need to be successful and accomplish RDi’s Data Control Steps (Addressed in parenthesis). All of RDi solutions contain many reporting options, and depending on an organization’s goals and objectives, can be integrated into digital dashboards or existing security information management systems (SIMS). RDi believes that you can’t hold someone accountable until you have given them the resources required to do the job.

    • eDiscovery and Classification (1)
    • Data Leak & Loss Prevention (1-7)
    • Data Leak Assessment (1-7)
    • Vulnerability Testing (1-7)
    • Merger & Acquisition Assessment (1-7)
    • IT Staff Augmentation (1-7)
    • File, Disk, and Network Encryption (2)
    • Security Technology Deployment (2-6)
    • Network Security (2-7)
    • Strong Authentication (3)
    • Access Control (3)
    • Port Security (4)
    • Desktop, Laptop, and Mobile Device Security (4)
    • Host/Server Security (4)
    • Messaging Security (5)
    • Content Inspection and Filtering (5)
    • Secure Storage (6,7)
    • Compliance Mapping and Reporting (7)
    • Information Security Policy Review and Creation (7)
    • Collaborative Security Information Software Integration (7)

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