Security for Virtualization


According to Forrester research, 85% or companies either have, or are planning to implement x86 server virtualization.  Securing these environments have often been overlooked because of the perception that a virtual machine is more secure than a physical one.   Most security solutions are falling short on protection and creating a performance overhead on the systems running virtual environments. 

Virtualizing servers and desktops can bring enormous business benefits: 

• Cost: Reduces the overall hardware footprint, reducing hardware expenditures, floor space, power consumption, management requirements, etc. 

• Speed: Increases the speed of IT by delivering new capacity on-demand. 

• Stability: Standardized redundant systems lead to greater resiliency, ensure better system availability. 

• Centralized Management: Virtual systems can be managed and configured centrally reducing administrative and support costs. 

• Maintenance: In virtual environments, OS migrations and maintenance becomes easier and more efficient. 

VMware vShield Endpoint plugs directly into vSphere and consists of a secure virtual appliance and driver for virtual machines to off-load events to.  VMware Endpoint security (EPSEC) links these components at the hypervisor layer.  vShield provides the ability to offload key anti-malware functions to a hardened, tamperproof security virtual machine, eliminating agent footprint. The robust and secure hypervisor introspection capabilities in vSphere prevent the anti-malware services from being compromised.

RDi partners with various technology vendors that secure your virtual environments,   while still being able to take advantage of the benefits of virtualization.