You are tasked to protect your network, every piece of data, every system, every server, every application, and now every mobile device, while moving to the cloud, to prevent your worst nightmare…on a shoe string budget!


Resilient Data, Inc. (RDi) is an information security integrator focused on helping organizations protect and manage their digital assets through innovative solutions for both physical and virtualized environments, while on premise or in the cloud.  From end point protection to cloud security, RDi is your partner to successfully meet project goals without breaking the bank.


Honesty, Tenacity, Resiliency....Resilient Data 

Data Control Steps

RDi has developed a roadmap of logical attainable milestones that will step an organization through the complex tasks of discovering, classifying, protecting, and reporting on an organization’s valuable digital asset...

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Digital Assets

Digital assets are any electronic form of data of value to an organization. An organization’s digital assets reside everywhere, on and off the network, viewed and copied by anyone, while at rest on a device, or in movement across network...

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Digital Asset Loss Prevention

The spectrum of threats to your business is large and ever increasing. These threats will almost certainly result in the loss or misuse of your digital assets or brand image, but often also have enormous financial and legal implications as well...

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